The General of PAK,Hussein Yazdanpanah,reacted to Reza Pahlavi’s words:

General Hussein Yazdanpanah , the head of the Kurdistan Freedom Party, reacted to the recent words of Reza Pahlavi regarding the position and right of teaching mother language in Iran, and called such a statement, idiotic, and againts with human rights. The words of Reza Pahlavi, part of the political heritage of the family of the pahlavi family, and part of the intellectual system of that part of Iranian opposition groups, who are seeking to be a part of the Iranian government’s sovereignty on the Kurdish nation and other nations in this country After the fall of the government and the coming of the pahlavi family,
With the goal of ậsmy̰lạsy̰wn(assimilation),creating the political unit of a nation, a language, an identity, by relying on the army; the Kurdish nation and other nations of gẖy̰rfạrs (non-Persians) were attacked, slaughter, and tin and breadth. Also all leaps, institutions and non-
Persian symbols were drowned in the blood of their owners.

Yazdanpanah reiterated that this non-Crown Survivor of the pahlavi dynasty should be pleas instead of such a ạfạḍạt, for the countless crimes of the great father of ạsẖạn against the Kurdish nation and other oppressed nations in Iran.
The leader of the independence movement of the east of Kurdistan, called Reza Pahlavi’s words to the fact that to end the dictatorship and democracy and establish democracy, the displacement of political power between groups and political parties belongs to the Persian Nation, but this is a contingent on the collapse. The Iranian Empire is the right to determine the fate of the Kurdish nation and the nation of gẖy̰rfạrs and change of political borders for their legitimate and democratic demand.
General Hussein Yazdanpana, imposed any political system on the Kurdish nation and emphasized on the right of the Kurdish nation to determine his destiny through the free referandum

PAK Leadership Committee
March 10th 2019

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