The commander of the occupation of Kurdistan is a dead;the Kurds are alive!

It is the passing day of Abu Hassan Bani Sadr, the first president of Khomeini regime, died in Paris at the age of 88.
Political tensions and war of power within the system, Abu Hassan Bani Sadr, from the top of the pyramid of power, was in the line of opposition. But from the point of view of Kurdish nationalism, an opposition of the same kind of government guards-Rezakhani nation.
Despite his post-separation approaches from Khomeini and the role and positions he showed in this era in this or that event and subject; for us and the people of Kurdistan, the main identity of Bani Sadr, the commander and the Iranian army for The occupation of Kurdistan had a decline and ordered them not to open their boots until the end of the Kurdish nation’s redeeming movement.
That’s why today no honorable Kurd who adheres and committed to national values and the redeeming fights of Kurdistan will send mercy to the criminal of the Persian government. He left so early and did not see the day of taking out the troops who had grief in Kurdistan.
In order for Kurdistan and Kurdish, fighters, sacrifice, and the life of the high in this ancient land, their identity and true meanings, to remain dynamic and stable; the children of this land should never allow the border between criminality, betrayal and crime with the virtues of oppression. Not giving up, uprising, fighting and sacrifice ,enemy will be destroyed. The youths of Kurdistan, the land should never pass on the crimes of the Iranian government’s political and military men who are in the power, the commanders and the agents of the presenters, the occupation of Kurdistan, and the killing and assassination of the children of this soil and land.
Hussain Yazdanpana
October 10,2021
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